Installations > A Place of Her Own Exhibit at SOMArts 2015

signage, Studio Euphoria, A PLACE OF HER OWN, SOMArts 2015, san francisco, maggieyee
Studio Euphoria Under the Big Top
Mixed Media
10 x 10 feet

At age 14, I was forced to leave my father’s home. I have never lived alone. In my Studio Euphoria, I try to forget I was abandoned by my mother for her new family when I was four, by my father for work and alcohol, by my older siblings for their own teenagehood. I put behind me the rapes and the physical and verbal abuse of past partners. I put behind me my failed remedy of attempts at suicide. Here, in my Studio Euphoria, I am in a place where I choose to be alone and where I am content to create with no responsibilities.

Studio Euphoria, A PLACE OF HER OWN, SOMArts 2015