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I 80 hwy, jack russel terrier, vintage hotel, nightmare, MaggieYee
Rumble Strip Nightmare on I 80 to Winnimucca
51 x 42 inches

This painting hangs in my bedroom. Most mornings when I wake I see this peaceful painting of my daughter’s dog, Coco. Coco has since passed. She was a bundle of Jack Russel nerves, loved humans but despised her own species. Our road trip to Idaho for my son’s wedding took us through Nevada on the I 80. Highway construction was in the works and we had to divert to the shoulder of the road. We hit the rumble strips at 70 miles an hour and the noise terrified Coco. She squeezed her way from the back seat under the driver seat to under my feet operating the gas and brake pedals. My worse fears of not being able to break struck me with anxiety as we managed to pull off the road. The little devil was shaking with big sad eyes and I was panting heavily.

So, when I wake up in the morning in my most favorite PLACE in the world. I look at Coco and remember everything will be all right after a terrifying dream.