Installations > A Place of Her Own Exhibit at SOMArts 2015

doll house, Studio Euphoria, A PLACE OF HER OWN, SOMArts 2015, san francisco, maggieyee
Studio Euphoria
Assemblage Mixed Media
24.5 Wide x 25 High x 18 Deep


A place of my own would be contagious. The euphoria I feel when I create, makes endorphins that are constantly in the air like marijuana smoke giving you contact high. When family or friends visit they will feel the same desires and will want this euphoria for themselves. Thus, understand my need to be alone. They would be inspired to create too.

This is a place where the clock moves slowly. Yet, I move at a quicker pace. So, that I can make up time lost doing other things when I should have been devoting my time to create.

A place where, when I am hungry I can go and dispense the food and drink I crave without any guilt or detrimental side effects to my health. All with no time lost because of food preparation.

A place where creative space is not an issue and, a door where I go to when I need art supplies, anything I need appears.

A place where I keep a large doll house that holds all my loved ones. My family! So, when I need them I can hold them or talk to them as I stand in “A Place of Her Own.” These dolls will transport my feelings to the real family member. That way the real person would never feel neglected.

A place where my creative thoughts manifest themselves with a blink and the art piece I imagine appears. Like, I Dream of Genie, without the costume.

Blue skies, warm breezes, the scent of tropical flowers surround this place. Birds sing and coo, the sound of waves in the distance and a view of the Pacific Ocean complete My Place.

Studio Euphoria, A PLACE OF HER OWN, SOMArts 2015

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