Installations > A Place of Her Own Exhibit at SOMArts 2015

doll house, Studio Euphoria, A PLACE OF HER OWN, SOMArts 2015, san francisco, maggieyee
Studio E
Mixed Media
24.5 Wide x 25 High x 18 Deep

I have never lived alone. In each place, I managed to set up an art making space. Although, it was always shared with the TV room, living room, bedroom or the car in the garage. I’ve had art studios for short periods, never completely settling in and having to move out abruptly. Studio Euphoria brings me to a place where I can be alone and where creativity does not compete with everyday responsibilities. It also holds my loved ones in miniature transporting my feelings to the life size ones, they never feel neglected. My intention of this magical place is to visualize a true place of my own to create.

Studio Euphoria, A PLACE OF HER OWN, SOMArts 2015